Brull, Theo & Nellie #888 *

Honoured by Tony Brull.


My parents were like a warm coat on a damp, cold and blustery autumn day. No, not your standard off the rack model, more so a surprisingly light and comfortable one, with a tough protective outer shell and a soft woollen lining.

I recall a certain day from my childhood … high in the open bleachers at Ivor Wynne stadium, the cold damp wind cut through me like a knife, chilling me to my very core. Seeing me shake with cold my Dad took off his warm coat and draped it over my shoulders. A little thing, yet to this day I remember. It warms me still.

My parents, Theo and Nellie Brull, came to Canada from post war Holland with their hopes, dreams and a young family in tow. This leaf commemorates their courageous journey … my warm memories of growing up in Canada commemorate the lives they lived once they got here.

Thanks Mom and Dad.