Rapoport, Marie #59 *

Honoured by the Community Counselling Centre of Nipissing.

Marie Rapoport was a colleague and friend at the Community Counselling Centre of Nipissing.  Marie worked here for seven years as a counselor for victims of violence and sexual assault.  Marie also worked with couples to improve their relationships and with many other people with interpersonal needs.

The Memorial Leaf at the North Bay Waterfront is our expression of appreciation to Marie for what she accomplished while she was with us and what she meant to us.  Below are some of the tributes of people who worked closely with Marie.

“Marie had such a good heart”

“Une personne magnifique de générosité”

“Gentille personne qui demande si peu et qui donne tant pour rendre les autres heureux.”

“I greatly miss Marie’s presence and energy.”

“A smile that brightens any room and an entire day”

“Marie was honest and true.”

“I am struggling to find the works to describe this indescribable woman.  I miss you”

“I see you in the face of every strong woman.  I feel you as I push myself to do better and I hear you in the laugh of every mastermind I meet!”

Marie left the Community Counselling Centre to pursue her passion and her vision to grow,
develop and spread her wings.  After Marie died, her friends and colleagues sought to preserve the memory and accomplishments of this remarkable woman.

Community Counselling Centre of Nipissing, July, 2011