North Bay Golden Age Club Volunteers # 2011 *

Honoured by the North Bay Golden Age Club.

Leaf #2011 is dedicated to the many volunteers of the North Bay Golden Age Club.  The year 2011 is the celebration of 50 years of helping the seniors of North  Bay and area.   Without the many volunteers that have donated their time, knowledge and skills over the past, the club probably would not be in a position to celebrate its golden Anniversary.
The Golden Age club, with Mr. Bob Babcock, who in 1961 felt that there was no place for seniors in the age range of 50 years plus could belong.  Thus, with his wife Florence and 22 people gathered at his home on Algonquin Avenue, formed a club for the socializing of persons in that age group.  It did not take long and the club started to grow.  They soon had to move and find a new meeting place.

After much hard work, those early members soon found that by volunteering as well as having un,  raised money by having bake sales, card parties, dances and teas, right down to getting the beautiful home that we now have at: The Golden Age Towers, 135 Worthington St. West.  We can be thankful to all these great volunteers.  The North Bay Golden Age Club can boast of
doing many good things as well as serving our members and those seniors 50+, because through the many hours of volunteering, we were able to donate $25,000 to the new North Bay
Regional Hospital Building Fund,  along with providing a free service called the Are You OK telephone call service.

Volunteers are a rare commodity in this busy world,  but I am proud to say we can boast of donating many hours.  For the first six months of 2011, the hours logged for volunteering have
reached 3,859.25 hours.  In the year 2011, our club still hosts many of the same activities it did in the very beginning having volunteers working hard and having fun with even more
varied selection of things to do just about every day of the week.  There is pool, floor shuffle board, card games, Wii games, trump bowling, dances, teas, socials and a variety of other
things to do.  This would not be possible if it were not for our many dedicated volunteers.  By offering all this to seniors, we are able to keep many seniors active and out of nursing homes.

To close, the North Bay Golden Age club says a great big Thank You to the many
volunteers over the past 50 years.