Watkins, Clifford J. #1718 *

Honoured by Tammy Rideout.

Our Dad…our Hero…Cliff was married to Ruth McCullough for 50 years and they had four children: Tammy, Terri, Tim and Tom. Our Dad was a firefighter with the North Bay Fire Dept. and Captain prior to his retirement in 1991. Dad passed on to us (as well as his Grandchildren) a well rounded love of many things that are still dear to all of us.

Hockey was a big part of his life as a boy and he was so proud to watch his sons and grandsons (Andrew, Pat, Adam and Owen) continue with his passion. Grampa was also known to attend dance and piano recitals as well to watch his Grandaughter Heather. The newest additons to our families would also be a glow in Grampa’s eyes had he been here to greet them.

Country music was another memory we all grew up with in the Watkins’ household. Johnny Cash, George Straight and Irwin Prescott. Country music has changed but his oldest grandchildren cant’ get enough of the “New Country” and we’re sure Grampa Cliff would approve.

Cliff’s most cherished sidekick besides his wife Ruth was their Yorkie Terrier named “Presley”….all of the neighbours in the High Street area always watched for his scooter with Presley in his basket. Unfortunately Presley passed away nine months after his master and we are pretty sure that Dad and Presley have reunited once again as a duo and are keeping an eye over all of us.

Dad would be happy to know that a leaf in his memory has been incorporated into the new Waterfront Pergola as a reminder to all how much he loved North Bay ( he was born and raised here). Memories cannot be taken away and we all carry so many wonderful ones with us every day. Dad has found “The Green Green Grass of Home” and we know he is still cheering for “His Team” the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Love Your Family XXOO