Q: “What exactly will my $500 buy?”
A metal leaf, engraved with the name of your honouree, will affix to the pergola. This leaf will be numerically cross-referenced to a story which will appear online, in perpetuity, and will be on continual display at the museum. Your purchase will contribute to the completion of infrastructure necessary for future park attractions. A tax receipt will be issued by our community partner, North Bay and Area Community Foundation. Your leaf purchase will be evidence of your part ownership of the park – consider yourself a shareholder!


Q: “Who can I honour? Can I honour a family?”
You can honour an individual, couple, family or non-profit organization who has provided a positive influence. These may be from anywhere on the globe, past or present, or may even be a cherished pet.


Q: “What is the time-frame of this pergola exhibit?”
The plan is to install the pergola in the fall of 2011 (depending on the timing of the construction of the plaza) and remain a permanent attraction in the park. Your purchased leaf and story, will be preserved in the history and posterity of the waterfront.


Q: “Can businesses appear on a leaf?”
Each leaf will be engraved with a name of an individual, couple, family, or non-profit organization…ordinary people who have been extraordinary! This initiative offers a specific opportunity for citizens to lend their support to the park and take ownership.


Q: “Why THIS park?”
This 33 acre parkland is a one-of-a-kind North Bay showcase. The park provides an open-concept gathering place for residents and visitors. The park has been, and will continue to be, an incentive for economic, social and environmental growth for the city and area at large.