Writing Tips

Writing a story for your leaf honouree can be very emotional and many people have told us getting started is the hardest part. We hope these tips can help – if not please contact us at info@waterfrontfriends.org and one of our volunteers would be happy to help!


Things to keep in mind when writing the Bio/Story for the person you are honouring:

  1. Keep it short (500 words or less)
  2. Highlight their main achievements and/or the main reasons they have influenced you
  3. Let your personality show, since you are honouring this person; make the writing sound like your own.
  4. Make it easy to read (short paragraphs)


Suggestions of info to include when writing your Bio / Story:

Early Years

  • When and where was your honouree born?
  • Who was the most influential person to them growing up?
  • What were some things they did for fun as a child?
  • What activities did they enjoy in school (primary, high school, college/university)?
  • Where did they attend high school?
  • What was their favourite school subject?
  • Did they play sports? Which ones?
  • Were they involved in any clubs?
  • Was there a teacher that was particularly influential?
  • Did they have a teen idol? Who?



  • Did they attend college? If so, which one? If not, why?
  • Why did they decide to attend college?
  • Did they get a degree? In what?
  • Career
  • What was their first occupation?
  • What is their most significant accomplishment as a professional?
  • What would be their ideal job?
  • Were they ever in the military?



  • How did they meet their spouse?
  • Do they have children? If so, how many and what ages/sexes?
  • Where are the children now?



  • Do they recall any wartime experiences?
  • What are some of their favourite things to do now?
  • What is their most memorable travel experience?
  • What is their happiest memory?
  • What accomplishments are they most proud of?
  • How do they hope to be remembered?
  • Who is their biggest fan?
    What do they like to do in their spare time?
  • What is their greatest hope?
  • What are the main lessons they’ve learned in life?


When telling your story remember to include:

  • When/where the honouree was born
  • A little history on the honouree (see above sample questions)
  • How you first met the honouree
  • What your relationship is to the honouree
  • How they have influenced you (Do they just brighten your day or have they changed the course of your life?)
  • What you have accomplished because of their influence
  • Why you have chosen to honor/appreciate them in this way


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